What our clients say

Working with Rishabh has been amazing. Rishabh has been a friend of mine for several years, and my family and I have benefited from his counsel over that time. First and foremost, I want to express my gratitude to Rishabh for his help, financial advise, good counsel, and, most importantly, friendship, because he is the type of person who builds friendship first over business relationships, which I believe is very rare. I value him as a friend, financial advisor, and a great entrepreneur.
Francisco D'Souza
Co-founder & Vice Chairman at Cognizant Technology Solutions
Managing Partner and Co-Founder at RECOGNIZE
Rishabh possesses a deep understanding of tax regulations and investment strategies, allowing him to navigate complex situations effortlessly. Whenever I encounter a challenging issue, Rishabh consistently provides invaluable advice and guidance. His promptness, problem-solving abilities, and unwavering availability make him the go-to person for tax and investment matters in India. I wholeheartedly recommend Rishabh to anyone in need of reliable financial counsel. Beyond his expertise, what truly sets Rishabh apart is his commitment and availability as he consistently goes above and beyond to ensure that client’s financial needs are met promptly and efficiently. I highly value Rishabh's commitment to providing reliable financial counsel.
Faisal Husain
Co-founder and CEO
Synechron, Inc
It's been a pleasure working with Rishabh. His profound financial knowledge and expertise are simply extraordinary. Not only did he provide me with good guidance, but what sets him apart is his thought leadership on tax matters and extraordinary network and strong relationships. Rishabh's extensive knowledge of finance and strong relationships enable him to serve clients with incredible efficacy and efficiency, particularly when it comes to catering to the demands of NRIs like myself. I treasure our close relationship and value Rishabh's invaluable expertise. I highly recommend Rishabh as a reliable source of tax and financial advice. I've seen first-hand the enormous value he brings to the table and strongly endorse him as a trustworthy counsel.
Abidali Neemuchwala
Former CEO and Managing Director - Wipro, Venture Capitalist
Former VP - TCS, Global Head - TCS BPS, Investor and Board Member
I have known Rishabh for several years as my investment advisor, helping me to manage my investments and taxes. Rishabh can resonate with anyone to understand their challenges and help overcome them with the right advice at the right time.
Debashis Chatterjee
CEO & Managing Director at LTIMindtree
Rishabh's concept of Plan | Protect | Play is a way to achieve financial nirvana. He has a warm, polite and professional attitude, and he & his team works with integrity to provide excellent financial advice and counsel to their clients. He is up-to-date financial expertise instils a level of trust that is very rare.
Nilesh Shah
MD & CEO of Kotak Mahindra AMC,
Ex-chairman -AMFI.
Member of PM's Economic Advisory Council
I am extremely delighted with the services provided by Rishabh and NRP Capitals. It is truly heartening to work with a financial advisor who is truly interested in their clients' needs, situations, and preferences, which Rishabh and his team at NRP Capitals have been providing to me and my entire family for over 14 years. They are truly my go-to person for anything, be it financial advice or anything else. I would strongly recommend them to anyone seeking to improve their financial situation.
G V Prasad
Ex-CEO - India and Head of APAC Fulfillment at Sterling
Ex-CEO - AXA Business Services Pvt. Ltd.
Be it matters of advice on investment or effective tax management, NRP Capitals has always been a delightful experience.
Dinanath Kholkar
SVP and Global Head of Partner Ecosystems & Alliances at TCS
TCS Global Top 100 Data Visionaries
Rishabh and his team's experience and insight in the field of finance shines through their work.
Vibha Padalkar
Managing Director & CEO HDFC Life Insuarance
The concept of financial spirituality is extremely significant for Indian investors of all ages who desire to approach financial planning and life in a new way. Plan, Protect and Play are concepts that help people grasp what they don't know and what they don't realise they don't know.
Kurush Irani
President at Bajaj Finance Ltd.
“We often talk about the importance of financial planning and investing, but the team at NRP Capitals goes about it in a unique way with a focus on organized financial planning and investing.”
Prameela Kalive
Chief Operating Officer, Mastek Group
Ex-COO Zensar Technologies
Global recognition as ‘Woman in Technology' by ISG
Rishabh brings his vast experience and insight to the table to help you avoid the most common mistakes in managing money.”
Ajit Menon
PGIM India Asset Management Pvt. Ltd
Any investor should adopt Rishabh's attitude and his concept of Financial Spirituality. A simple yet effective notion to assist you in achieving financial freedom.
Prashant Tripathy
Max Life Insurance Co.Ltd
When it comes to investing, I totally agree with Rishabh's philosophy of plan, protect and play, his simplicity is the actual power behind the concept. I feel he will help all generations in seeing life and financial planning with different perspectives.
Swarup Mohanty
Mirae Asset Global Investments (India) Pvt. Ltd
As a first-time investor, I was nervous about mutual funds. But Shikhank & team @NRP Capitals made the process so easy and stress-free. They explained everything in a way that was easy to understand and I now feel confident in my investments. It's been 10 great years with them now.
Pranjali Pagey
R&D Senior Manager, Product Development
AVEVA Group Limited
I've been working with Sanjay and NRP Capitals for more than 8 years, and I have always received excellent service. They helped me with my mutual fund investments and ensured that I have the right life and health insurance coverage. The NRP Capitals team is knowledgeable and always willing to go the extra mile for their clients.
From the very first interaction, I was impressed by their ability to listen to my needs and provide personalized solutions to meet them. They took the time to understand my unique situation and provided tailored recommendations that were both effective and efficient.
Their prompt and clear communication made the entire process seamless and stress-free. The quality of their work was outstanding, and the final result exceeded my expectations.
Rachna Raheja
I've been working with NRP Capitals & Shikhank for more than 10 years and have always had a great experience. They are responsive, professional, and always go above and beyond to ensure my investments are performing well.
Shikhank has been a great support to the entire family with his simple and effective communication, courteous nature and availability during the tough times. A real pleasure to work with!
Tejas Joshi
Vice President
Mutual Mobile - A Grid Dynamics company
I had a great experience working with Shikhank & team at NRP Capitals for my mutual fund investments and other financial products over the last 9 years. They were knowledgeable, patient, and answered all my questions. I highly recommend them!
Sushant Arun Khachane
VP Engineering
A5G Networks
I am working with Shikhank & NRP Team for more than a decade now & extremely satisfied with all the services those they provide including the insurance products meeting my requirements. This team is a “One Stop Shop” for all my Finance Management needs. They always take out time to understand my demands and provide me with the perfect coverage. Thank you!
Harshad P. Agre
Senior Director, Global Project Management Delivery,
Syneos Health
We are having almost 8+ years long relationship with NRP Capitals. Shri. Sanjay is the Point of Contact for us since then.
Systematic compilation of our financial needs,allocating the funds, periodic review of portfolio and unsurpassed Financial Knwledge and Integrity resulted to meet our defined financial needs. Shri. Rishabh, The Director of NRP capitals is always approachable to us and conducts periodic review and suggests correction Now a days ,Shri. Rishabh, Shri. Sanjay and other team members of NRP Capitals have become our extended family members.
One important point is worth to mention. Sanjay helped me a lot to define our Will process.This is really a Value add to our financial planning.
Shripad Pandit
Shripad Pandit
Manoj and NRP Capitals have been my trusted financial advisors for over 6 years. They have helped me navigate the complex world of finance and investments with ease and provided valuable guidance that has helped me grow my wealth.
NRP has been incredibly adaptive and supportive as we navigate multiple market regimes, bolstering confidence in our investment plan to meet our long-term and short-term goals both.
Rahul Vaidya
Managing Director
Maxion Wheels Aluminum India Pvt. Ltd.
NRP Capitals has been my financial advisor for the past 9 years and I have complete trust in the team of NRP Capitals. Sanjay Surwade is my financial advisor and he helped me navigate the complexities of mutual funds and insurance, by providing me with the right distribution of all the financial products. NRP is like a family doctor when it comes to financial planning. Thanks again to Sanjay and the team for doing a wonderful job. Keep helping people.
Rajendra Brar
Director Software Engineering (PS - Enterprise)
Nuance Communications Inc.
Sanjay and NRP Capitals have been my financial products distributor for the past 6 years, and I have complete trust in him and his team at NRP Capitals. He helped me understand the importance of life and health insurance, and he also provided me with a personalized suitability mix based on my risk profile for mutual funds and other financial products.
Saharsh Utture
Sr. Lead (2nd VP)
Northern Trust
I have been working with Manoj and NRP Capitals for over 7 years, and they have been my go-to team for my mutual fund investments and other financial products. Their personalized distribution service and attention to detail have always impressed me.
Kaushik Sengupta
Vice President
I have known Rishabh for around 15 years. I am extremely delighted with the services provided by Rishabh and NRP Capitals team. I am fortunate to meet a true financial advisor, who is really interested in clients' needs, situations, and preferences. Dhiraj and the team at NRP Capitals have been my go-to person for all my investments, taxes and planning. They truly care about their client, and it shows in their personalized service and attention to detail. Rishabh and team resonate well with clients' challenges, understand & analyse their risk profile and help to overcome with the right advice at the right time. They are knowledgeable, trustworthy, and always put the client first. I highly recommend them!
Bhowmik Gandhi
Senior Enterprise Account Manager
Ansys Inc.
Manoj and NRP Capitals have been my go-to team for all my financial needs, including mutual funds, insurance, and other financial products. Their personalized service and attention to detail are unmatched
Nishith Singh Nirbhay
Software Engineering Manager | Mobile - Native & Hybrid | Flutter | Swift | SwiftUI | Kotlin | Jetpack Compose | Backend and Frontend - React & Firebase
I have been working with NRP Capitals and Manoj for more than 4 years for my mutual fund investments. They have consistently delivered great results, and I am extremely satisfied with their service.
Akshay Jogdeo
Network Administrator
Tata Consultancy Services
I highly recommend NRP Capitals for all your financial needs. Their expert advice on what is the right financial product for you in terms of distribution of products have helped me save for the future and make great money.
Syed Mohiddin
Lead - Tools & Automation Practise
Tata Communications Transformation Services (TCTS)
I highly recommend Manoj and NRP Capitals for their exceptional service and expertise in financial distribution of products. They have become an integral part of my financial planning journey, and I trust them completely. And looking forward to having a long term association with NRP for my future financial planning / advisory. Thank you.
Bhushan Wani
Senior Project Manager
I have recommended Shikhank & team NRP Capitals to all my friends and family. They are simply the best in the business when it comes to mutual funds & insurance.
Pankaj Bunde
QA Manager
Tarana Wireless, Inc.
I recently purchased an insurance policy from NRP Capitals & I was impressed by their attention to detail from Shikhank and their personalized service. They truly care about their clients and it shows.
Ganesh Dhole
ASIC Physical Design Engineer
Intel India
Having Shikhank and NRP Capitals as our trusted family financial consultants for over a decade has been an absolute delight. Their deep understanding of the industry combined with Shikhank’s personalised approach and willingness to go the extra mile is a testament to his unparalleled dedication and professionalism. Shikhank and NRP Capitals feels like having an extension of our own family, as they have provided invaluable guidance and support that has greatly contributed to our financial well-being. I am immensely grateful for the privilege of having them by our side throughout the years.
Amit Pandey
Cummins India
I have been working with NRP Capitals and Shikhank for the past 8 years for my mutual fund investments. NRP Capital and Shikhank are always available for guidance and help, they are just a phone call away. They have consistently delivered great results, and I am extremely satisfied with their professional service with personal touch.
Mandar Rajurkar
Senior Principal Consultant
Navigate Consulting
I have recommended Shikhank & team NRP Capitals to all my friends and family. They are simply the best in the business when it comes to mutual funds and insurance. Thank you for helping me save for the future and make great money. It's been a pleasure working with them for the past 8 years.
Ajay Goud
Manager - Systems
I recently did my risk profiling with Shikhank & had a great experience. He helped me understand my risk tolerance & created a customized investment strategy that is right for me.
Prasanna Kulkarni
Cloud Developer
Our incredibly strong relationship with Rishabh spans 17-18 years, a testament to the enduring bond we share. Our journey together commenced during the early years of his career, shortly after my return from the USA. At that time, Rishabh was one of the first people we met outside of TCS; he assisted us in setting up our income tax and investment accounts. Rishabh and his team's performance for our investments have consistently outperformed the market and delivered impressive returns. They have displayed exemplary expertise in managing our financial affairs, and demonstrated unwavering commitment as our trusted financial partner. Perhaps more importantly, over the years, he has become more of a friend and a confidant. We trust him and his team for many things that extend beyond financial matters—I trust them implicitly to care for my family during any emergency. In fact, they have assumed the role of a dedicated family office, and have become an integral part of our extended family. I wholeheartedly vouch for their expertise and dedication to anyone seeking reliable financial partnership.
Dr. Harrick Vin
CTO (Chief Technology Officer)
Shikhank & NRP Capitals have been my go-to team for all my financial needs, including mutual funds, insurance, and other financial products. Their personalized service and attention to detail are unmatched. We have been consulting him for all big or small financial decisions ranging from 'how to save tax' to 'how and which car/property to buy'. They have ensured that our financial growth has clarity, wisdom and serenity.
Prateek Gopal
Deputy General Manager
For more than 14 years now, our bond with Rishabh and his exceptional team has only grown stronger—a testament to the enduring relationship we cherish. They have not only expertly managed our taxes and financial affairs but have proactively planned them to perfection. With our busy schedules, we trust them implicitly to take care of our financial needs, allowing us to focus on what we do best. Their unwavering support goes beyond a client relationship; they are like our family only, reflecting our shared values. Rishabh and his team's dedication in managing our finances seamlessly has been invaluable, and we wholeheartedly appreciate their 24/7 availability and becoming our confidants. Moreover, Rishabh has become a true friend over the years. We trust him and his team for matters extending beyond finances, relying on them to care for our family during emergencies. They have become our dedicated family office and an integral part of our extended family. Without hesitation, we wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone seeking a reliable financial partnership.
Vinod Easwaran
Jio Payments Bank